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Free Membership
Published on 23-04-2018
Hello Dear Members,

We are happy to announce that we are online now for almost 9 months and
running without any issues due to support of our kind members.
We have already paid $15,406.12 during this time to our loyal members.

To celebrate this with you, we have a great offer for you.
Get free Membership upon deposit , the list for memberships upon deposits are below:

Deposit $50 + ----Get Free -- AtiBabyDays
Deposit $125 + ----Get Free --AtiJunior
Deposit $250 + ----Get Free --Golden 6
Deposit $500 + ----Get Free --Golden Full
Deposit $1000 + ----Get Free --Ultimate 6
Deposit $2000 + ----Get Free --Ultimate Full

Promo is valid for Limited Time .

Good Luck to all of you for your Earnings!!

Aticlix Team
8 Months online !
Published on 11-04-2018

we are offering you some special packages promotion
This is a short time promo. Starts from today and it will be expires soon..

AtiBabyDays pack
*Rented Referrals : 25
*Direct Referrals 1
*Paid To Click Credits : 1000
*Banner Ad Credits : 1000
Only $8.50

Atijunior Pack
*Rented Referrals : 50
*Direct Referrals : 3
*Paid To Click Credits : 2000
*Banner Ad Credits : 25000
Only $45

Golden 6 Pack
*Golden 6
*Rented Referrals : 75
*Direct Referrals : 5
*Paid To Click Credits : 3000
*Banner Ad Credits : 50000
Only $90

Golden Full Pack
*Golden Full
*Rented Referrals : 100
*Direct Referrals : 10
*Paid To Click Credits : 5000
*Banner Ad Credits : 100000
Only $140

Ultimate 6 Pack
*Ultimate 6
*Rented Referrals : 200
*Direct Referrals : 15
*Paid To Click Credits : 7500
*Banner Ad Credits : 250000
Only $400

Ultimate Full Pack
*Rented Referrals : 300
*Direct Referrals : 50
*Paid To Click Credits : 20000
*Banner Ad Credits : 10000000
Only $750

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8 Months online !
Published on 08-04-2018

Hello Dear ATICLIX Members.

Today ATICLIX celebrating of 8months online. ( 2nd Promo )

We are very happy that now we have 53009+ users and $13,112.37 paid to our members.
It's a big achievement to us. We know we have a great support from members.
Thanks to our members to trust us and support us.

Let's celebrate this achievement
At this happy moment we are leaving a big promo to you all.

Add Funds Promo With Free Rented Referrals And Direct Referrals For limited Time
Add Funds And Get Free Rented Referrals and Fixed PTC Advertisements

Deposit : $15-$49 Get free 3% Bonus ( 10 Rented Referrals Free )
Deposit : $50-$99 Get free 5% Bonus ( 25 Rented Referrals Free )
Deposit : $100-$199Get free 7% Bonus ( 50 Rented Referrals Referrals Free )
Deposit : $200-299 Get free 15% Bonus ( 100 Rented Referrals 7 Days Free Fixe ads )
Deposit : $300-$499 Get free 20% Bonus ( 200 Rented Referrals 15 Days Free Fixe ads )
Deposit : $500-$749 Get free 25% Bonus ( 200 Rented Referrals 30Days Free Fixe ads )
Deposit : $750-$1000 Get free 30% Bonus ( 300RR ( Golden 6 membership ) 45 Days Free Fixe ads )

Bonus will added manually or shortly.
Send your Fixedads Detail Via Support Ticket.

Promo is valid for Limited Time .

Free Rented Referrals Promo
Published on 28-03-2018

Hello dear ATICLIX members.

We are very happy with your support and your trust on us. Thanks to everybody.
We are happy to announce free RRs on your deposits promo.
So now take free RRs and grow your account in ATICLIX as well who are earning good profit from us.

Free Rented Referrals

Deposit upto $10 Get 1 free rented referrals each 1$ deposited.
Free rented referrals added manually othewise open the support ticket.

PerfectMoney and Bitcoin Deposit Deal

Deposit above $100 get 100 Rented Referrals and 25 Direct Referrals Free.
Deposit above $300 get 300 Rented Referrals and 100 Direct Referrals Free.

This is a short time promo. Starts from today and it will be expires soon.

Best Regards
Aticlix Team

3rd weeky referrals contest
Published on 24-03-2018
Hello Dear Aticlix Members,

I am very heppy to announce you the 2nd AtiClix Referral Contest which starts from Today
It will start Now, and finish the 01 April 2018. (server time 23 : 59)

Detail Of Prizes.

1st : $15 in Main Balance ( 3 Days Fixe Ads Free )
2nd : $10 in Main Balance ( 25000 banners credits )
3rd : $8 in Purchase Balance ( 15000 banners credits )
4th : $7 in Purchase Balance ( 10000 banners credits )
5th : $5 in Purchase Balance ( 10000 banners credits )

Here you can see leaderboard and prizesClick Here !


1. Multi Account Creation
2. Proxy Using, All kinds starting with VPN.
3. Getting Inactive Direct Referrals, from some places where you pay for Quality, not for Quantity.
I think you know that sites where you pay in order to get 10-50-100 DR, but you get them totally inactive.
4. All kind of cheats, like Autoclickers, Bot software, Fake Email Generators, etc will not be tolerated as well !!!

If a User Forget these Rules and try to cheat, we will Suspend Account without any warning.

I am in this business for quite a long time and I will be happy to see a Fair Competition

We wish you happy Earnings in AtiClix!

Aticlix Team


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